Custom Characters do not get any bad end by going to the world tree, nor do they get any good end by clearing Last Boss, nor any taunts from him. It's up to you to imagine what their ending is. Only custom characters can have custom bosses in the New Enemy dungeon.

Technically, Asagi can be consirdered a Custom Character, because

  • Although she gets an ending, a place in the main world, and is non-deletable, a bad end available, does not have a New Enemy boss like other story characters
  • In the end you can't copy her face using the option in custom characters, she dissapears from the main map.
  • Presumably, she dissapears to the world of Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties Dood! where she's a boss in the Asagi Wars mode.


This page is for sharing your Custom Character Sprites.